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Beralapanathara, Sri Lanka

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Beralapanathara, Sri Lanka, 81541





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Lion’s Pekoe Gold

Carefully cultivated and hand-plucked from our tea gardens located near the revered "Sinharaja" rainforest in Ruhuna, Sri Lanka, this unblended and single-origin gem represents the epitome of our premium grade Pekoe collection. Crafted using the orthodox method in our factory, our award winning low-grown region teas are a true reflection to our commitment to excellence and enjoyed by our customers all around the world.


Business harvesting

Small holder famers

Farm Location

Ketawala Village, Sri Lanka

Processing factory location

Lions Tea Factory, Beralapanatara, Sri Lanka

Process type

Ceylon Pekoe Tea

Packaging location

Lions Tea Factory, Beralapanatara, Sri Lanka

Packing Type

Moisture-sealed bags

Time-Honoured Mastery: Lions Tea's Distinctive Elegance


Lions Tea is not just a brand; it's a resounding testament to our unwavering dedication to the art of tea craftsmanship. Our tea leaves are meticulously hand-plucked and processed with care and expertise. Our unique and unblended teas are made at our distinguished tea factory nestled alongside the world-renowned "Sinharaja" rainforest in the Ceylonese Ruhuna region. The result is Lions Tea – a revelation of nature's finest essence within every exquisite cup.


Celebrated for their unique flavors and aromas, our prized range of low-grown teas has traversed borders, captivating tea enthusiasts across the expanse of China, the United States, and Europe. As we journey forward, our expansion endeavours promise to unfold this captivating tea legacy to even more corners of the globe.

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