Ceylon Pink Green Tea


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Adam's Peak, Sri Lanka

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Adam's Peak, Sri Lanka, 70506


Green Tea



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Detox with ‘Ceylon Pink Teatox’ from the wild


Forest Hill’s Pink Green Tea, is a unique and carefully crafted green tea produced using traditional Japanese methods. Hand-picked from small tea gardens nestled among the forest in the wild side of Adam's Peak in Sri Lanka. Our Pink Green Tea is produced in small micro-batches by hand with great care. 

One remarkable feature of Forest Hill Pink-Green Tea is its captivating transformation when a few drops of lemon touches the tea. It magically blossoms into a delicate shade of pink, adding an enchanting touch to your tea-drinking experience.

Our tea is cherished by ou customers for its potential benefits, including potential support for body fat reduction, weight management, skin health, blood sugar regulation, memory enhancement, and emotional well-being.


Business harvesting

Forest Hill Tea

Farm Location

Holy Adam's Peak Tea Gardens

Processing factory location

Erathna, Kuruwita, Sri Lanka

Process type

Pink Green Tea

Packaging location

Erathna, Kuruwita, Sri Lanka

Packing Type

Moisture-sealed bags

Tea sustainability pioneer and innovator in Sri Lanka


Forest Hill is the pioneer for Ceylon Wild Tea and was founded as a social impact and sustainability oriented ventured by Buddika Dissanyaka. It is nestled in the Adam’s Peak mountain range of Sabaragamuwa Province, in the tiny village of Erathna, Kuruwita in Sri Lanka.


Our Wild Tea is made with finest, high quality, undamaged, timely hand-picked tea leaves from 30-40 feet high freely grown tea trees found in their natural habitats. Its unique earthy character is given by the nutrients absorbed from the tap root in deep layers of the rich soil in unspoiled environment. The quality of the Wild tea is maintained by producing in small batches by hand with great care. 

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